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Firearms and Use of Force Training and Consulting

EMANUEL KAPELSOHN, President of The Peregrine Corporation, is an internationally-recognized firearms and use of force training consultant. Since 1980, he has instructed thousands of police and security officers, federal agents, military personnel and civilians throughout the United States and abroad. The Gun Digest Book of Combat Handgunnery describes him as “one of the most qualified people in the business,” while Felter’s Police Defensive Handgun Use and Encounter Tactics ranks him as one of the country’s “most talented” defensive firearms instructors.

Holding degrees from Yale University (with honors) and Harvard Law School, Mr. Kapelsohn is a practicing trial attorney in addition to his firearms consulting, and has been an adjunct instructor in the Criminal Justice Department at Indiana University. Certified as a firearms instructor by the FBI, NRA, Glock, H&K, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and others, he is a vice president and director of the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors, Chairman of its Firearms Training Criteria Committee, was formerly a member of the Police Marksman Association National Advisory Board and Technical Editor of The Police Marksman, and a charter member and staff instructor of the American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers. He holds expert ratings with rifle, shotgun and submachine gun, a distinguished expert rating with pistol and revolver, and was an “A” Class IPSC combat pistol competitor. Also certified as an instructor in police defensive tactics, handgun retention, baton, pepper spray, less lethal impact munitions, Taser, psycho-motor skill design, police use of force and FATS, and as an executive protection specialist, he has expertise in the full range of use of force topics, and is a featured presenter at national and international law enforcement instructor conferences.

Mr. Kapelsohn’s activities also include litigation consulting and expert testimony in both civil and criminal cases involving firearms and the use of force. He has testified in state and federal courts throughout the U.S., and by invitation before both houses of Congress. He also serves as a consultant to cities, states, federal agencies and other governmental entities with regard to design, review and implementation of use of force policies, training curriculum and programs, response to critical incidents, and risk management issues. He has authored over 100 articles appearing in such publications as Law and Order, Security Management, and Law Enforcement Technology, and was formerly Technical Editor of The Police Marksman and Editor of The Firearms Instructor. He is Associate Editor of Standards & Practices Reference Guide for Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors, principal author of Firearms Training Standards for Law Enforcement Personnel, and author of the IALEFI Guidelines for Simulation Training Safety.

Mr. Kapelsohn was chief instructor and a designer of the NRA’s Law Enforcement Semi-Automatic Pistol Instructor Seminars held throughout the country, helped develop and was chief instructor for Mossberg’s shotgun armorer program, developed and taught armorer and instructor classes for Para-Ordnance and Kimber pistols, and was a consultant to Glock from 1987-1993, helping to develop and conduct its widely acclaimed armorer and firearms instructor courses nationally and abroad. In addition to handgun and armorer training, he conducts a variety of courses with shotgun, submachine gun, countersniper and patrol rifle, less lethal impact munitions, and OC aerosols, classes for executive protection and corporate/industrial security personnel, as well as for executives and dignitaries themselves. While living in Pennsylvania he served as a special deputy sheriff and firearms instructor with the Berks County Sheriff's Department, and as an instructor at the Allentown Police Academy. He is currently an active reserve deputy in Greene County, Indiana. Agencies for which he has trained instructors or users include the New York, Louisiana and Oregon State Police, Missouri Highway Patrol, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, North Carolina Justice Academy, Pennsylvania Municipal Police Officers Education & Training Commission, BATF, and the police departments of Washington, D.C., Miami, Baltimore, Jacksonville, Philadelphia, Seattle, Phoenix, Tacoma, Salt Lake City, Toronto, Trenton, Jersey City, Calgary, Barbados, Virgin Islands, Atlantic City, and many others. He has been a consultant to federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, and to leading firearms manufacturers, on the design and selection of firearms, instructional materials, product literature and training programs. He also regularly consults with regard to written firearms and use of force policies, training and qualification standards, and firearms safety issues.

Firearms User and Instructor-Level Training in:
  • Defensive Handgun
  • Defensive Shotgun
  • Patrol Rifle
  • Countersniper Rifle
  • Submachine Gun
  • OC Aerosol ("Pepper Spray")
  • Less Lethal Impact Munitions
  • Defensive Tactics, Baton, etc.
  • Armorer Training
  • Firearms Safety
  • Personal Security
  • Use of Force Legal Issues

Consulting to manufacturers of firearms and related products regarding design, human factors, safety and training issues; product literature including warnings and owner's manuals; development of user, instructor and armorer training programs, materials and training aids; marketing issues; and risk management (product liability consulting).

Consulting to cities, states, and governmental entities regarding development, review and implementation of use of force policies, law enforcement training programs and issues, response to critical incidents, and risk management.

Consulting to law enforcement and security agencies regarding selection of firearms and related equipment; design and implementation of training programs; safety surveys and safety protocols; qualification standards; development and review of written departmental firearms and use of force policies; and evaluation of specific use of force incidents and firearms accidents.

Expert witness services and litigation consulting in civil and criminal cases in state and federal courts nationwide. Expertise in issues including firearms design, safety, use and training; law enforcement training and tactics; training psychomotor skills; threat assessment; self defense; accidental discharge of firearms; hunting accidents; shooting range design and safety issues; selection of firearms, ammunition and related equipment; holsters and weapon retention issues; physiological and perceptual stress effects of lethal force confrontations; shooting scene reconstruction; involuntary muscular contraction as a possible cause of unintentional discharge of firearms; firearms operability, function, ballistics, trajectories, velocities, ricochets, wounding effects, bullet penetration and expansion; ejection patterns, muzzle flash; behavior of projectiles upon striking steel and other materials; reaction time and action vs. reaction; justification for use of deadly and non-deadly force; firearms recoil; dim light and vision issues; covering suspects at gunpoint; concealability of firearms and other weapons; home storage of firearms; knife threats; paintball guns; ammunition reloading; etc. Expert witness work is regularly performed both for plaintiffs and defendants in civil cases, and for the prosecution and defense in criminal cases.

Security Surveys, Risk Assessment and Security Consulting for corporations, executives and private individuals.

Authoring articles and longer works for publication in the field of firearms, firearms use and tactics.

News & Events

New Address. After five good years in Indiana, we have returned to Pennsylvania. Our new contact information is: The Peregrine Corporation, 1771 Creekview Dr., Fogelsville, PA 18051, Phone 484-504-1345, Cell 610-360-7053, email

Legal & Practical Aspects of Self-Defense with Firearms. Hellertown Sportsmen's Association, Hellertown, PA. June 8, 2013. This class will cover the legal elements of justifiable use of deadly force in self-defense, as well as practical issues before, during and after a self-defense shooting. Topics addressed will be training, equipment, threat avoidance and threat assessment, tactics in the home and on the street, action v. reaction,, time v. distance, interfacing with the police, the media, and the legal system, warning shots, verbal warnings, and much, much more. For more information or to register, contact Jim Bambu at 610-442-7193. There will also be an advanced class on this same subject on August 17, 2013. For information, email

IALEFI Regional Training Conference: Manny Kapelsohn is organizing, and will be teaching at, an IALEFI RTC at Harrisburg Area Community College, Harrisburg, PA on June 24-26, 2013. For details, contact the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI) at 603-524-8787, or If you are a law enforcement firearms instructor, or interested in law enforcement firearms instruction, and are not a member of IALEFI, you should be!

PATROL RIFLE INSTRUCTOR COURSE. October 13-17, 2014. Allegheny Township/Martinsburg, PA. Chief Instructor Emanuel Kapelsohn. Course fee $595. This 5-day course is suitable for certified police firearms instructors or others. Classroom and range sessions will cover safety, patrol rifle technique, training theory, equipment selection and maintenance, documentation and liability issues, dim light firing (two night sessions), partner drills, judgmental training exercises, and more. Attendees will fire daylight and dim light qualification courses, do student teaching, and take a written test for certification. For information and registration form, contact Ptlm. Mike Robison, Allegheny Twp. Police Department,, phone 814-695-3333.

POLICE FIREARMS INSTRUCTOR COURSE. June 8-12, 2015. Martinsburg, PA. This 5-day, 44-hour course will certify the successful attendee as a police firearms instructor for handgun and shotgun. Course includes two evenings of dim-light firing. The lead instructor is Emanuel Kapelsohn. The student will need to fire daylight and dim-light qualification scores, do student teaching in classroom and on the range, and pass a written test. Course fee is $595. Register early – the last course we taught at this location was overbooked. Contact Chief Kerry L. Hoover at for a course flier and registration form, or call him at 814-793-2838.

For course offerings, contact The Peregrine Corporation